Čuguna apkures katls BRSUNH 7 (43-48kW)

Čuguna apkures katls BRSUNH 7 (43-48kW)


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Patented flue gas circulation method. The new design is adapted to the pellet burner.

  • You can use coal, firewood, briquettes and, in the presence of a pellet burner, wood pellets.


  • The combustion process is controlled by a mechanical thermostat (opening and closing of the air supply valve), manual control of the secondary air is possible.


  • The second door provides a quick transition from one type of fuel to another (optional).


  • The outer grate is equipped with a water cooler, which makes it possible to heat the boiler easily and gradually.


  • The body of the boiler is made of EN-GJ200 gray cast iron, tested to meet the quality standard. The ductility of this cast iron grade resists well the linear expansion caused by flow and return temperature fluctuations.


  • The cast iron heat exchanger has a special design that provides increased flue gas turbulence and increases the efficiency of the boiler.


  • Additional option: second burner door;
  • Option: burner according to the selected boiler power (optional);
  • Option: Pellet tank 195-350 liters (optional).

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