Ion boiler 33 kW 380V


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Innovative innovations in the design of BERIL electrode boilers and control units for their operation led to the creation of a series of ion boilers under the general name BERIL, which have the following distinctive features from electrode and "ion" boilers from different manufacturers:

  • The possibility of clearly fixing the rated power of the boiler;
  • The service life of the BERIL boiler is at least 10 years with the possibility of warranty service during the entire service life;
  • A distinctive feature of the manufactured equipment is ECONOMY.

Main advantages:

  • control of heating costs;
  • ease of installation;
  • compact dimensions and weight - the BERIL ion boiler can be hung on the wall (1 m2) and save space;
  • safety (no burning);
  • simple operation;
  • no chimney required;
  • no additional maintenance required;
  • permission is not required;
  • installation within 1 day;
  • silent operation;
  • environmentally friendly operation - no harmful emissions into the atmosphere and odors.


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