Pellet fireplace ANNA (bordo)


• Pellet stoves are self-sufficient because the pellets in the bunker are self-sufficient.

• They are loaded automatically; they are innovative in that they can be turned on and off at preset times and can be controlled by a digital command or remote control. They are used for direct heating of the room in which they are installed, or for conveying hot air to other rooms, and they guarantee high thermal efficiency.

• The latest Calor pellet stoves are available in a range of capacities, sizes and designs and are easy to maintain.

• Modern design can fit into any room.

• Key features of the latest Calor pellet stoves.

• Overpressure safety valve.

• Safety pressure switch.

• Safety thermostat on the pellet tank.

• Ambient temperature sensor on the back of the heater or built into the remote control.

• Practical and intuitive display for controlling all oven functions (available in 5 languages).

• Automatic and manual control of 5 fan speeds;

• ECO mode, which reduces consumption to a minimum as soon as the set temperature is reached.

• Standby mode in which the oven switches off automatically when the set temperature is reached.

• Programmable thermostat with on and off times for automatic oven control.

• A remote control is included as standard for easy operation of all functions.

• Ability to connect to an external programmable thermostat/thermostat using a cable.

• Ability to control the device using a smartphone app or remote control.

• Easy to understand alarms and service diagnostics.

• Cast iron grill with automatic cleaning.

• Combustion chamber covered with vermiculite panels, which ensures high efficiency and low emissions.

• Large compartment for loading pellets.

• Removable ash pan for easy cleaning.

• Large glass surface for better flame visibility.

• Fire safety door with cast steel frame and self-cleaning panoramic ceramic glass.

• Heated combustion air system.

• Adjustable legs for precise positioning.


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