Pellet boiler for houses up to 400 sq / m Ferroli EASYFIRE 39 kW


‘-Ļoti kompakts Ferroli granulu katls centrālajai apkurei, ieskaitot automātisko degli.

-Steel combustion chamber, fully thermal insulated.

-Completely cooled flue pass. Large volumes of the reversal collectors for the best control of thetemperature and speed of flues, incorporating steel turbolators.

-Fully inspectable: in addition to the two doors, the flue gas collectors can also be inspected at thebottom (through the side and center plugs) and at the top (removing the cover panel).

-Firebox with cast iron grate, designed for optimum distribution of primary and secondary air.

-Double post-combustion of fumes.

-Control panel with a complete interface display and a set of keys for a very easy boiler setting.

-Large capacity of the pellet daily stock: 70 kg for models 29 - 35 - 39 and 50 kg for models 17 - 24.


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