Room programmable thermostat with display SIEMENS RDE100.1



  • Room temperature control with built-in sensor or external connection
  • Selecting the operating mode by pressing a button;
  • List setting (individually for a day, 7 days, 5+2 days);
  • Display or set current temperature oC or oF;
  • Button lock (manual);
  • Reset to factory settings, adjustment parameters and start operation
  • Two multifunctional inputs for switching operating modes (key card, window, etc.)

The room thermostat consists of 2 parts:

  • Plastic housing with electronic board, controls and room temperature sensor;
  • Mounting plate with screw clamp. The housing is attached to the mounting plate and fixed with screws

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RDE 100.1 Instrukcija LV (RDE_100.1_Instrukcija_LV.pdf) [Lejuplādēt]

RDE 100.1 Instrukcija RUS (RDE_100.1_Instrukcija_RUS.pdf) [Lejuplādēt]

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