Electric water heater BRAVO 15L U (under sink) Ferroli


Compact water heater Ferroli BRAVO

Thanks to the built-in POLY insulation technology, the product is insulated with an extra thick layer of insulating foam, which will protect against heat loss and save energy. The water heater has an excellent safety system, consisting of overheating protection, power consumption protection and automatic shutdown when the set temperature is reached. Water heaters are produced in factories where all processes are robotized and multiple quality control is carried out. A specially designed silicone powder is fused onto the inner surface of the heater by electrostatic coating. Heat treatment of the inner surface at 850°C makes the inner container resistant to shock and corrosion. Extra large magnesium anode ensures product durability. The user only needs to set the temperature and further work of the skater will take place automatically, while the light indicator of work will signal the operation of the boiler.

  • Durable polypropylene outer casing
  • Inner enamel coating made of harmless blue silicone
  • Temperature controller on the front of the water heater with LED indicator
  • Capillary thermostat for precise temperature control
  • ON/OFF switch

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